The Woodland Alpaca Walk begins with a brief handling demonstration and an introduction to our quirky alpacas. I will then bring out your alpaca who will become your furry friend for the next hour. We will set off on our walk through the forested woodlands along a winding stone path. Arriving at the clearing, the alpacas will be able to graze while you have the perfect opportunity for pictures and selfies with your new found friend. Here you will here a bit about my story and have time to ask questions about the alpaca’s way of life before heading back to the barn along the forest path.

This experience is not suitable for children under 16 years old.

One alpaca will be shared per two people

Duration: Up to 60 minutes

Cost: $40 per person (Ages 16+)

When: Alpaca walks are offered at 10 am

Spring(March,April,May) on Saturdays

Summer(June, July, August) on Thursdays

Fall(September,October,November) on Saturdays

Winter(December) on Saturdays

January and February-NOT OFFERED

(times and days are seasonal,weather permitting)