Alpacas are hardy and can withstand the cold that Canada’s climate sends us. They actually enjoy laying in the snow. Alpacas are a great livestock choice for a transition to farming, they are curious and playful quietly emitting the occasional hum. Alpacas share a communal dung pile and their manure is highly sought after by gardeners as an excellent organic fertilizer.

Have you ever wondered what daily life looks like on an alpaca farm?

Daily Chores

Alpacas are grazing animals and will graze on orchard grass and hay throughout the day. Every morning and evening the alpacas are offered a grain mixture. The alpacas love it and come running when it’s feeding time . Once they get their night time feed they are put to bed in the barn at night this is to ensure they are safe from predators. In the morning after their feed I let them out to pasture to graze throughout the day. While they are out I clean their stalls. Fleece is not the only resource I get from my alpacas, did you know that their poop is a great compost for your flower gardens!