Once a year we shear the alpacas. On our farm we focus on the fibre, so this is really is our harvest time. We do this in the spring before the weather gets too hot, and this allows the alpaca to grow their fleece to a nice thickness prior to the colder weather arrives.

Alpaca fleece is considered an exotic fibre producing animal, alpacas spend the year growing beautiful fleece with the following characteristics:

Nothing compares to the softness of alpaca which is why they have been raised for over 6,000 years, originally to produce elite fibre.

The thermal properties of alpaca make it ideal for Canadian winters.

Unlike sheep, alpaca does not contain lanolin making it hypoallergenic and able to be washed during processing without the need for hot water and harsh chemicals.

Alpaca is flame resistant, water repellent, light, durable, blendable and comes in 22 natural colours

Alpaca fibre can be used for ;

Rovings for spinners

Bulky yarns

Finer, more highly spun yarns for weavers, socks, and mittens

Felting for insoles, boot liners

Batting for vests, light and warm duvets